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What is the Age of Aquarius?

What is the Age of Aquarius?

Before we can fully understand the answer to this question we must understand who and what we are. We are individual souls creating a physical reality on the planet Earth. We create this reality so we can experience people, places and events.

We do this for one purpose only. To evolve and raise our level of consciousness. Why? So we can work our way back to where we came from, to the “Creator” who sent us here.

What are we? We are units of dynamic energy. We are souls who create our physical, mental and emotional bodies with energy. We are not bodies who have a soul. We are souls who create bodies.

All is Energy! You, I, this planet Earth, the Solar System, the Universe and the Creator God, who sent us here, are ALL energy. The only thing happening in the whole Universe (and other Universes for that matter) is energy relationships.

You and I relate energy wise to each other. We have an energy relationship with Mother Earth, the Sun, the planets, the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe and the Creator God.

It is through this interplay of the infinite energy relationships that this “All” exists.

Raising one's consciousness is a way of understanding and relating better to all the energies around us that we have relationship with.

Astrology, a marvelous ancient Art and Science explains our energy relationship with the Earth, the Moon and the Planets of our Solar System.

This energy interaction of ours is set into motion by the orbital rotation of Earth around the Sun. As the Earth orbits around the Sun we move through thirty degree arcs of space which define the Zodiac for us.

Each thirty degree arc is assigned a zodiacal name: Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.

Each arc lasts 30 days. For this period of time the ruling planet of the sign exerts it's energies onto our Earth. We all have a thirty day energy relationship with each of the twelve signs once a year.

Our Solar System, as an energy entity itself orbits around our Galactic Sun. It too traverses this 360 degree orbit 30 degrees at a time.

Each of these 30 degree arcs is also given a zodiacal name. But instead of 30 days, our Solar System takes 2000 years to each of the 30 degree arcs of it's orbit around the Galactic Sun. This is what the ancients called “ The Precession of the Equinox's.” We have just crossed over into another 30 degree arc. It's name is Aquarius. Therefore for the next 2000 years we will be in the Age of Aquarius.

We have just left the last 2000 years Age and it was called the Age of Pisces.

Notice that our Earth orbits around our Sun clockwise from Aries to Pisces. Our Solar system orbits around our Galactic Sun Pisces to Aries.

The planet that will rule the energy for energy relationships of all houses on the planet Earth at this time will be Uranus.

Uranus, a planet in our Solar System has a congruent resonant frequency to the Age of Aquarian energies being sent by the Solar System being in the Arc called the Age of Aquarius around the Galactic Sun.

Therefor Uranus will be a direct step-down transformer of Aquarian energies to all of us on Earth.

What this means is that the primary guiding energy for all life on our planet for the next 2000 years will be the energy of Uranus.

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear it will bring us many gifts. Gifts that will help us with our destiny of evolving and raising our levels of consciousness.

For those who will refuse to see and hear these Uranian energies it will be very destructive and chaotic.

Uranian energies will enter our lives like flashes of lightening bolts for either individual evolution or de-volution.

The choice is always ours.

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