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Age of Aquarius Energy Techniques

Healing Energy Techniques

The Age of Aquarius has given us a new paradigm for healing. It is based on each human being taking responsibility for their health issues and starting the heating process THEMSELVES.

The scientific eggheads, educators, and mathematicians have taken one of the greatest of God's gifts to mankind, the Laws of Quantum Physics and complicated it beyond the understanding of the average man or woman.

The Mind of God, (where we live, move and have our being), Nature and the Laws of Quantum Physics are quite simple to understand. Man has complicated them. Many times he just lets words, words WORDS get in the way. And what are they saying with all these WORDS?

This new Age of Aquarius that, will be with us for the next 2000 years, will stress INDIVUALITY not mass mind; SIMPLICITY not complexity; ENERGY not WORDS; Self Control, not Group Control, Self Determination not Social Control.

The new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics are telling us many wonderful things if we would but listen.

Be still and know that you are God. You are an individual soul in the Mind of Gd who was incarnated onto the physical plane to learn and evolve.

Learn what? Evolve into what? Learn who you are, where you came from and where you are going. Evolve into a higher conscious being. To continually become more God-like as you work your way back to the source.

There is a divine blueprint of the perfectly healthy and functional man and woman in the Mind of God. And this blueprint is with out disease.

Each one of us have this Divine blueprint within us.

But unfortunately, in past lives and in this present incarnation, through our gift of “Free Will” we have chosen to build false infrastructures and belief systems as to what perfect health really means.

Our erroneous thoughts and beliefs have caused a Dis-Ease within us. A Dis-Ease is a blockage of the life force energies needed to attain perfect health.

If we would think, feel and allow the blueprint of perfect health within ourselves to be our role model we would attain perfect health. But this will take time because of all the false beliefs we hold so tightly.

Everyone has created mankind's health issues by their choice of thoughts, feelings and actions. The first thing that the Laws of Quantum Physics tells us is to take responsibility for where we are and how we feel now.

The good news is that we can attract, out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) the energies we need to dissolve these false health beliefs and attract the energies that will liberate the original Divine blueprint within.

We created our present health conditions, so there fore we can heal them.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything is energy. You are energy, the planet Earth is energy, the Universe is energy, God is energy.

Since blocked energy is the source of all illness, we must learn how to use energy healing techniques to release the blockages.

God in his/her infinite wisdom would not have allowed the divine timetable of events to open up the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics energy healing without giving us the tools to use also.

We have to stop following others. Remember in Monty Python's movie, “The Meaning of Life?” In this, Andre the Waiter keeps beckoning the viewer saying “Come on, come on I want to show you something. “ After hours of leading us through the streets of Paris we come to the conclusion that Andre really has nothing to show us and that he himself does not know where he is going. His response when we no longer want to follow is anger saying, “You don't want to follow me, then ........!”

Stop following Andre. He does not know the truth for you. Only you know the truth and it will come from within. Go Within. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

What tools should you use to start your energy healing? Well what tools have the pioneers of the New Age. Of Aquarius paradigm given us recently? Who were the pioneers of this New Age?

Hanhamann with his science of Homeopathy. Schussler and his cell salts; Edward Bach with is Flower Remedies for emotional well being; Babbittt and Dinshah with color healing; Wilhelm Reich and Karl Welz and their Science of Radionics; Eeman and his “Eeman Circuit” copper healing circuits, and Ragnar Storyteller and his Orgone ond Generators to name a few .

We also have Craig's E.F.T. System and Eric Rolf's “Soul Medicine”.

These are the new simple energy healing techniques that you can use by yourself to heal yourself. Get started. Your unexpired years are the most precious asset you own. Live them in health!

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Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He is the inventor of the simple radionics device called “The Nordic Ond Orgone Generator”. He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. You can see more of his works on his websites:

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