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Pisces Child Understanding Solar Chart Part1


Solar Chart

Part 1

It is not possible to understand your child's Solar Chart without first seeing it's connection with and related to the whole.

Let's take a Pisces child for example. In a Solar Chart, Pisces occupies the first house and the rest of the Sun Signs fan out around the twelve part wheel counter clockwise.

But to interpret your child's Sun Sign of Pisces in the first house will give you a very small picture of his/her abilities. The full Solar chart energy Matrix gives you all the life facts of your child.

The Natural leaning process is to first understand the whole wheel. All twelve houses as they relate to each other, Then look at one part of the wheel. The first house of Personality where the Pisces Sun Sign resides. Finally understand the whole chart relative to it's parts.

If we take a look at the energy matrix of a Pisces Solar Chart, we will notice several things.

There are several different energy aspects for every Pisces child. The first house of Personality which has a Pisces Sun Sign and a Neptune ruler is squared (90 degrees) to the fourth house, which is the home environment and mother. This fourth house is Gemini ruled by Mercury.

Throughout this Pisces life there will be an energy blockage that must be rooted out between it's individual personality and the energies of it's home and mother.

But in the Divine plan of this Divine Pisces Astrological blueprint, this is exactly the energies that a Pisces child needs to work on to grow and fulfill it's destiny.

We may look at this as a Pisces - Gemini, Neptune-Mercury, personality home energy structure to be worked out.

The Pisces in the fist house will have a see saw energy battle with it's seventh house of relationships. This can be rather difficult or not difficult. It is an energy exchange that needs to be balanced. The Pisces - Neptune personality of the first house in opposition (180 degrees) to Virgo-Mercury seventh house of Relationships. You can see here that there is a constant see saw battle for balance between the emotions and the mind of a Pisces child in all it's relationships. Again part of the divine plan.

Lastly we have an energy blockage (90 degree square.) between Pisces in the first house and Sagittarius in the 10Th house of career. Pisces -Neptune personality blocked by Sagittarius -Jupiter Career. Or vice versa. Part of the classic fire-water configuration.

These are the three basic difficult energy structures that a Pisces child must work through in order to fulfill their destiny.

As a parent you need to be aware of the difficult energy structures of your Pisces child before you start to understand of believe everything that is written about the Pisces Sun Sign alone. Reality is energy not words. Do not read other peoples words till you understand the energy exchanges in your own child first.

I will take up the harmonious energy structures of the Pisces child in my next article.

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