Friday, December 12, 2008

Astrology Solar Chart Divine Timing

Astrology - Solar – Chart - Timing

The Age of Aquarius has brought with it a new Paradigm. The new Paradigm has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics.

These Laws amongst other things, are telling us that all is energy and that thoughts are things.

This is a perfect Paradigm for revising your Astrological Solar Chart. The Solar Chart is an energy matrix where the timing factors in a person's life are revealed to them.

The simplicity and the accuracy of the Solar Chart leaves you with a tool that will help you create a better future for yourself.

The All Father, Creator God, has promised us that we can have anything we want in life. Just ask. But we must learn when and how to ask. This is where the energy matrix of the Solar Chart comes in. It gives us the timing factors in our life.

Another thing the All-Father, Creator God has told us is that there are millions of things that we can have, and that there are millions of things we cannot have. The Solar Chart shows us what things are available to us and what is beyond our reach.

The houses in your Solar Chart are especially spaced every thirty degrees. If you are a Scorpio, (or any other sign), this is placed in your first house. Then the rest of the Zodiac is spread around the wheel counter clock wise. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces etc.

For us (you and I) to build this new Solar Chart system using the new Paradigm of the Age of Aquarius, the Laws of Quantum Physics, we must tune in to the energies not the words.

Therefore, no matter what Sun Sign is in your first house of the Solar Chart the energies affect your , "personality." Second House is Money; Third House "Communications."; Fourth House "Home"; Fifth house "Creativity." Sixth House "Health"; Seventh House "Career."; Eleventh House "Friendship" ; Twelfth house "the Past."

These are your basic building blocks. They cover all possible areas of your life.

Now for the timing. The Sun is "Power." What ever house the Sun is in at this particular time will be powered. If the Sun (now in Sag at the time of writing) is in your fifth house of Aries Solar Chart, it means that the power to create will be stronger than any other time of the year.

By following the movement of the Sun around your Solar Chart, you will know when it is the right time to do anything. Get into the habit of putting your energy and efforts into the energies of the key word of the house that is being powered by the Sun.

This is how you can learn to build a sane, safe constructive life.

Remember timing is everything and your Solar Chart gives you your "Divine Timing" table. Email me for your free Solar Chart Wheel.

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