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Age of Aquarius Welcomes Homo-Spiritualis

Age of Aquarius Welcomes


We are in a new space in the Universe, or to be more exact, a new space around our Galactic Sun. We have never been here before. Get ready for Great and Interesting things.

Every 2000 years our whole Solar System orbits around our Galactic Sun similar to the way our planet Earth orbits around our Sun in only one year. We give these new 2000 year orbits astrological names. We have just left a 2000 year orbit called the Age of Pisces. We are now entering a new orbit called the Age of Aquarius.

There are very few beings on the planet who can tell us what to expect. All the great prophets Nostradamus, Cayce, the Christian Revelations and even the Prophets of the Mayan Calender could not tell us what to expect for the next 2000 years.

Many of them only prophesied Armageddon, Apocalypse, Doom, Gloom, Floods and Disasters.

Could it be what Paul said, “I see through glasses darkly?” That the extent of all the prophetic abilities reached only as far as the end of an age? The end of the Piscean Age and it's institutions and forms?

I was instructed by my spiritual teachers to never discuss what I perceive as a negative event, unless I had a positive solution for it.

Yes all the religions, corporations, institutions of the Age of Pisces will come tumbling down and it may take another hundred years or more to do so. But the solution is the Age of Aquarius. And the soon to be built (again in another hundred years or so) new paradigms, structures and institutions.

Along with the Age of Aquarius and it's new paradigm for health, wealth and love will come a newly evolved man/woman.

They are the Homo-Spiritualtis species. They will be far superior to Homo-sapiens in psychic abilities, intelligence, compassion, nobility, courage, understanding as well as in the Arts and Sciences.

They will be powered by the new rarefied life-force (Prana) of the Age of Aquarius. We can already see their forerunners on the planet.

The doctors, psychologists, and teachers who can't think outside the box, that the Age of Pisces has trapped them in, don't know what to make of these new children. So they call them “Indigo children. “

And these new Homo-Spiritualis Souls that are manifesting on the planet are so shocked by the lack of understanding and the Piscean archaic methods of treatment, that they sit themselves down and all called “Autistic” or A.D.D.

The fault does not lie with the new children. It lies with the establishment. They cannot understand because they won't come out of their Piscean box.

Time to think out of the box for everyone; the cataclysmic end times that were predicted are here. But they will only be destructive for all forms of the Piscean Age.

There need to be no “End “ of the world or total destruction or bloodshed.

It can be peaceful though a rough and bumpy transition. We can have this easy transition unless those in power who benefit from the Piscean institutions declare war on us new thinkers and self-destruct themselves as well.

Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He is the inventor of the simple radionics device called “The Nordic Ond Orgone Generator”. He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. You can see more of his works on his websites:


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