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A Possilbe Quantum Physics Reality Matrix

Try This Quantum Physics Reality Matrix

Now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius, where we have a new paradigm to work with, we must be careful.

The new paradigm called the Laws of Quantum Physics tells us that we live in an infinite, timeless, space less ocean of thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. And thoughts are things that create.

Here is the Danger. The past 2000 years, which was called the Age of Pisces, has created the physical reality we see all around us. It needs to be updated.

We need to think differently now that we are in the Age of Aquarius. We need to think new and better thoughts to create a new and better reality.

But, when we open our eyes in the morning and look around what do we see? We see the Age of Pisces creation with all it's wars, hunger, hatred, poverty and disease. The Hopi Grandfathers call this time the last throws of the “Animal” state of man. The Norse call it the time of the Wolf. The Ancients call it Kali Yuga.

So how are we to overcome this seemingly constant picture in front of us. The answer is by creating a new reality Matrix. A matrix that is above the 2000 year old Age of Pisces Matrix. My master used to say, “put your consciousness into a 747 flying above the mess.”

Since your thoughts have created the reality all around you and you have chosen many of your thoughts from the minds of those who have created the Age of Pisces Reality Matrix ---- you get what you think, which is an Age of Pisces Reality.

Now try this. Consider the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God as an infinite skyscraper with infinite number of stories (In my father's mansion there are many rooms.)

Let us say that the Age of Pisces is the fiftieth floor. Everything we see on the planet today is a creation of the Age of Pisces and is on the fiftieth floor.

No matter what books we read, TV shows, You Tubes, lectures we go to, if they were created by a fiftieth floor mentality, then they will keep us prisoners of the fiftieth floor.

Man's true reality is like a cross. We live, move and have our being at the juncture where the horizontal bar meets the vertical bar on the cross. This is the true meaning of the symbol of the cross.

The present horizontal bar is the fiftieth floor, the 2000 year old Age of Pisces Reality all around us.

The vertical bar is the infinite number of floors above the fiftieth floor.

The Age of Aquarius is the fifty- first floor. To change the picture of the Age of Pisces Reality that greets you every morning --- “Get ye to the fifty first floor.”

Come ye out from amongst them and let the dead bury the dead.”

How do you get yourself to the fifty-first floor? It all starts with a thought. Think about the New Age of Aquarius Reality Matrix I am offering you.

Make up your mind that you are not going to believe anything you see or hear on the TV, You Tubes, News Papers, News, Media or what goes on in front of your eyes. What makes you think it is “REAL?” It is all fiftieth floor propaganda put there to trap your minds into what you should think about and ultimately what you perceive as your reality.

If you think about the fiftieth floor you will be trapped there. Where you place your attention; your energy flows --- there you are.

Think about the Age of Aquarius and the “fifty-first floor.” What you think about you will attract.

Not only will you attract those few people, places and events that will help you reach the fifty-first floor, (you attracted this article) but you will also, with continued effort, attract a “Higher One.”

There is no death. The New Laws of Quantum Physics tell us we “Blink in” and “Blink out” of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God with each new incarnation.

God lives in the “Penthouse” and each incarnation it is our destiny, our Dharma, duty and responsibility to move up another floor or two or “three, closer to God”

There are those souls, (just like the opportunity that is presented to us), who have raised their level of consciousness to the point that they can now live on a higher floor.

These “higher souls” have two choices to keep on climbing higher or stay on and help some of those on the fiftieth floor reach the fifty-first floor, and even higher.

They exist! And when you change your thinking from Pisces to Aquarius you will attract their attention.

No matter how “GOOD” any one tells you the Age of Pisces, fiftieth floor reality, is, your destiny is to get to the fifty-first floor.

Change your thoughts and change your reality NOW!

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